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Question Number 46558 by last updated on 28/Oct/18

calculate the uncertainty in velocity of an electron which is confined in a 10^(−10 ) meter

$${calculate}\:{the}\:{uncertainty}\:{in}\:{velocity}\:{of}\:{an}\:{electron}\:{which}\:{is}\:{confined}\:{in}\:{a}\:\mathrm{10}^{−\mathrm{10}\:} {meter} \\ $$

Answered by last updated on 28/Oct/18

△x△p_x =(h/(4π))  △x(m△v_x )=(h/(4π))  △v_x =(h/(4πm△x))  put the value of h plank constant  m mass of electron  pls recheck the quesstion tofind   the value of uncertainity of position  is △x=10^(−10) meter??

$$\bigtriangleup{x}\bigtriangleup{p}_{{x}} =\frac{{h}}{\mathrm{4}\pi} \\ $$$$\bigtriangleup{x}\left({m}\bigtriangleup{v}_{{x}} \right)=\frac{{h}}{\mathrm{4}\pi} \\ $$$$\bigtriangleup{v}_{{x}} =\frac{{h}}{\mathrm{4}\pi{m}\bigtriangleup{x}} \\ $$$${put}\:{the}\:{value}\:{of}\:{h}\:{plank}\:{constant} \\ $$$${m}\:{mass}\:{of}\:{electron} \\ $$$${pls}\:{recheck}\:{the}\:{quesstion}\:{tofind}\: \\ $$$${the}\:{value}\:{of}\:{uncertainity}\:{of}\:{position} \\ $$$${is}\:\bigtriangleup{x}=\mathrm{10}^{−\mathrm{10}} {meter}?? \\ $$$$ \\ $$

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