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Question Number 173354 by pete last updated on 10/Jul/22

A three−digit odd number less than 500  is to be formed from 1,2,3,4 and 5. If repetition  of digits is allowed, in how many ways  can this be done?

$$\mathrm{A}\:\mathrm{three}−\mathrm{digit}\:\mathrm{odd}\:\mathrm{number}\:\mathrm{less}\:\mathrm{than}\:\mathrm{500} \\ $$$$\mathrm{is}\:\mathrm{to}\:\mathrm{be}\:\mathrm{formed}\:\mathrm{from}\:\mathrm{1},\mathrm{2},\mathrm{3},\mathrm{4}\:\mathrm{and}\:\mathrm{5}.\:\mathrm{If}\:\mathrm{repetition} \\ $$$$\mathrm{of}\:\mathrm{digits}\:\mathrm{is}\:\mathrm{allowed},\:\mathrm{in}\:\mathrm{how}\:\mathrm{many}\:\mathrm{ways} \\ $$$$\mathrm{can}\:\mathrm{this}\:\mathrm{be}\:\mathrm{done}? \\ $$

Commented by pete last updated on 10/Jul/22

thank you sir

$$\mathrm{thank}\:\mathrm{you}\:\mathrm{sir} \\ $$

Commented by mr W last updated on 10/Jul/22


$$\mathrm{4}×\mathrm{5}×\mathrm{3}=\mathrm{60} \\ $$

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