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Question Number 1107 by last updated on 14/Jun/15

a square is created inside the   circle,which side is 4 cm.Then   find out the area between square  and circle.

$${a}\:{square}\:{is}\:{created}\:{inside}\:{the}\: \\ $$$${circle},{which}\:{side}\:{is}\:\mathrm{4}\:{cm}.{Then}\: \\ $$$${find}\:{out}\:{the}\:{area}\:{between}\:{square} \\ $$$${and}\:{circle}. \\ $$$$ \\ $$$$ \\ $$

Answered by prakash jain last updated on 14/Jun/15

Diameter of circle=diagonal of square=4(√2)  Area of circle=8π  Area of square=16  Area between square and circle=8π−16

$$\mathrm{Diameter}\:\mathrm{of}\:\mathrm{circle}=\mathrm{diagonal}\:\mathrm{of}\:\mathrm{square}=\mathrm{4}\sqrt{\mathrm{2}} \\ $$$$\mathrm{Area}\:\mathrm{of}\:\mathrm{circle}=\mathrm{8}\pi \\ $$$$\mathrm{Area}\:\mathrm{of}\:\mathrm{square}=\mathrm{16} \\ $$$$\mathrm{Area}\:\mathrm{between}\:\mathrm{square}\:\mathrm{and}\:\mathrm{circle}=\mathrm{8}\pi−\mathrm{16} \\ $$$$ \\ $$

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