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Question Number 105840 by aurpeyz last updated on 01/Aug/20

A Car wheel 30cm in radius is turning at a  rate of 8rev/s when the car begins to slow    uniformly to rest in a time 14s. find the   number of revolutions made by the wheel  and the distance the car goes in the 14s.

$${A}\:{Car}\:{wheel}\:\mathrm{30}{cm}\:{in}\:{radius}\:{is}\:{turning}\:{at}\:{a} \\ $$$${rate}\:{of}\:\mathrm{8}{rev}/{s}\:{when}\:{the}\:{car}\:{begins}\:{to}\:{slow}\:\: \\ $$$${uniformly}\:{to}\:{rest}\:{in}\:{a}\:{time}\:\mathrm{14}{s}.\:{find}\:{the}\: \\ $$$${number}\:{of}\:{revolutions}\:{made}\:{by}\:{the}\:{wheel} \\ $$$${and}\:{the}\:{distance}\:{the}\:{car}\:{goes}\:{in}\:{the}\:\mathrm{14}{s}. \\ $$

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