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Question Number 105839 by aurpeyz last updated on 01/Aug/20

A wheel 25cm in a radius turning at 120rpm  uniformly increases its frequency to 660rpm  in 9s. Find (a) the constant angular   acceleration in rad/s^2  and (b) tangential  acceleration of a point on its rim.

$${A}\:{wheel}\:\mathrm{25}{cm}\:{in}\:{a}\:{radius}\:{turning}\:{at}\:\mathrm{120}{rpm} \\ $$$${un}\mathrm{i}{formly}\:{increases}\:{its}\:{frequency}\:{to}\:\mathrm{660}{rpm} \\ $$$${in}\:\mathrm{9}{s}.\:{Find}\:\left({a}\right)\:{the}\:{constant}\:{angular}\: \\ $$$${acceleration}\:{in}\:{rad}/{s}^{\mathrm{2}} \:{and}\:\left({b}\right)\:{tangential} \\ $$$${acceleration}\:{of}\:{a}\:{point}\:{on}\:{its}\:{rim}. \\ $$

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