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Question Number 105838 by aurpeyz last updated on 01/Aug/20

A mass of 1.5kg out in space moves in   a circle of radius 25cm at a constant 2rev/s.  Calculate (a) the tangential speed   (b) acceleration and (c) the required   centripetal force for the motion.

$${A}\:{mass}\:{of}\:\mathrm{1}.\mathrm{5}{kg}\:{out}\:{in}\:{space}\:{moves}\:{in}\: \\ $$$${a}\:{circle}\:{of}\:{radius}\:\mathrm{25}{cm}\:{at}\:{a}\:{constant}\:\mathrm{2}{rev}/{s}. \\ $$$${Calculate}\:\left({a}\right)\:{the}\:{tangential}\:{speed}\: \\ $$$$\left({b}\right)\:{acceleration}\:{and}\:\left({c}\right)\:{the}\:{required}\: \\ $$$${centripetal}\:{force}\:{for}\:{the}\:{motion}. \\ $$

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