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Question Number 10547 by Saham last updated on 17/Feb/17

A man can row a boat at 4 km/hr in still water.  He rows the boat 2km upstream and 2km back to  his starting place in 2 hours. How fast is the stream  flowing ?

$$\mathrm{A}\:\mathrm{man}\:\mathrm{can}\:\mathrm{row}\:\mathrm{a}\:\mathrm{boat}\:\mathrm{at}\:\mathrm{4}\:\mathrm{km}/\mathrm{hr}\:\mathrm{in}\:\mathrm{still}\:\mathrm{water}. \\ $$$$\mathrm{He}\:\mathrm{rows}\:\mathrm{the}\:\mathrm{boat}\:\mathrm{2km}\:\mathrm{upstream}\:\mathrm{and}\:\mathrm{2km}\:\mathrm{back}\:\mathrm{to} \\ $$$$\mathrm{his}\:\mathrm{starting}\:\mathrm{place}\:\mathrm{in}\:\mathrm{2}\:\mathrm{hours}.\:\mathrm{How}\:\mathrm{fast}\:\mathrm{is}\:\mathrm{the}\:\mathrm{stream} \\ $$$$\mathrm{flowing}\:? \\ $$

Answered by mrW1 last updated on 17/Feb/17

see Q#10069

$${see}\:{Q}#\mathrm{10069} \\ $$

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