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Question Number 105269 by malwaan last updated on 27/Jul/20

a;b;c are real numbers  1<b<c^2 <a^(10)   log_a b+2log_b c+5log_c a=12  prove that  2log_a c+5log_c b+10log_b a≥21

$${a};{b};{c}\:{are}\:{real}\:{numbers} \\ $$ $$\mathrm{1}<{b}<{c}^{\mathrm{2}} <{a}^{\mathrm{10}} \\ $$ $${log}_{{a}} {b}+\mathrm{2}{log}_{{b}} {c}+\mathrm{5}{log}_{{c}} {a}=\mathrm{12} \\ $$ $${prove}\:{that} \\ $$ $$\mathrm{2}{log}_{{a}} {c}+\mathrm{5}{log}_{{c}} {b}+\mathrm{10}{log}_{{b}} {a}\geqslant\mathrm{21} \\ $$

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