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Question Number 101832 by john santu last updated on 05/Jul/20

∫((ln x)/(x^2 +1)) dx ?   (JS ⊛)

$$\int\frac{\mathrm{ln}\:{x}}{{x}^{\mathrm{2}} +\mathrm{1}}\:{dx}\:?\: \\ $$$$\left({JS}\:\circledast\right) \\ $$

Commented by I want to learn more last updated on 05/Jul/20

Sir, please what type of integration is this.  what topic can i learn them under integration. i want  to search on it.

$$\mathrm{Sir},\:\mathrm{please}\:\mathrm{what}\:\mathrm{type}\:\mathrm{of}\:\mathrm{integration}\:\mathrm{is}\:\mathrm{this}. \\ $$$$\mathrm{what}\:\mathrm{topic}\:\mathrm{can}\:\mathrm{i}\:\mathrm{learn}\:\mathrm{them}\:\mathrm{under}\:\mathrm{integration}.\:\mathrm{i}\:\mathrm{want} \\ $$$$\mathrm{to}\:\mathrm{search}\:\mathrm{on}\:\mathrm{it}. \\ $$

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