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Question Number 101715 by Tinku Tara last updated on 04/Jul/20

Deleted a few comments.

$$\mathrm{Deleted}\:\mathrm{a}\:\mathrm{few}\:\mathrm{comments}. \\ $$

Commented by mr W last updated on 04/Jul/20

sorry that this one single asshole has  caused so much disturbance in the  forum and therefore extra and  unnecessary work for you! the absolute  majority of the users appreciate your  efforts and love this wonderful app.

$${sorry}\:{that}\:{this}\:{one}\:{single}\:{asshole}\:{has} \\ $$$${caused}\:{so}\:{much}\:{disturbance}\:{in}\:{the} \\ $$$${forum}\:{and}\:{therefore}\:{extra}\:{and} \\ $$$${unnecessary}\:{work}\:{for}\:{you}!\:{the}\:{absolute} \\ $$$${majority}\:{of}\:{the}\:{users}\:{appreciate}\:{your} \\ $$$${efforts}\:{and}\:{love}\:{this}\:{wonderful}\:{app}. \\ $$

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