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Question Number 100618 by bachamohamed last updated on 27/Jun/20

           Σ_(k=1) ^(k=n)  ((ln(k))/2^k ) =?

$$\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\:\underset{\boldsymbol{{k}}=\mathrm{1}} {\overset{\boldsymbol{{k}}=\boldsymbol{{n}}} {\sum}}\:\frac{\boldsymbol{{ln}}\left(\boldsymbol{{k}}\right)}{\mathrm{2}^{\boldsymbol{{k}}} }\:=? \\ $$

Answered by maths mind last updated on 28/Jun/20

this quation i see it many Times   iwill Try it later  may bee i will find somthing not sur

$${this}\:{quation}\:{i}\:{see}\:{it}\:{many}\:{Times}\: \\ $$$${iwill}\:{Try}\:{it}\:{later}\:\:{may}\:{bee}\:{i}\:{will}\:{find}\:{somthing}\:{not}\:{sur} \\ $$$$ \\ $$

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