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Question Number 100173 by Tinku Tara last updated on 25/Jun/20

Updated apk with the following  changes (with fixes for all reported  issues so far) is available at  • Review a post  • copy all to buffer  • Ability to draw diagrams

$$\mathrm{Updated}\:\mathrm{apk}\:\mathrm{with}\:\mathrm{the}\:\mathrm{following} \\ $$$$\mathrm{changes}\:\left(\mathrm{with}\:\mathrm{fixes}\:\mathrm{for}\:\mathrm{all}\:\mathrm{reported}\right. \\ $$$$\left.\mathrm{issues}\:\mathrm{so}\:\mathrm{far}\right)\:\mathrm{is}\:\mathrm{available}\:\mathrm{at} \\ $$$$\mathrm{www}.\mathrm{tinkutara}.\mathrm{com}. \\ $$$$\bullet\:\mathrm{Review}\:\mathrm{a}\:\mathrm{post} \\ $$$$\bullet\:\mathrm{copy}\:\mathrm{all}\:\mathrm{to}\:\mathrm{buffer} \\ $$$$\bullet\:\mathrm{Ability}\:\mathrm{to}\:\mathrm{draw}\:\mathrm{diagrams} \\ $$

Commented by Tinku Tara last updated on 25/Jun/20 will also be available on playstore by end of week

Commented by Ar Brandon last updated on 25/Jun/20

I'm so eager, thank you Sir��

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