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Question Number 206791 by akolade last updated on 25/Apr/24

∫_0 ^1 (√(1−(√x))).ln^2 x dx

$$\int_{\mathrm{0}} ^{\mathrm{1}} \sqrt{\mathrm{1}−\sqrt{\mathrm{x}}}.\mathrm{ln}^{\mathrm{2}} \mathrm{x}\:\mathrm{dx} \\ $$

Commented by Frix last updated on 25/Apr/24

Question 206754

$$\mathrm{Question}\:\mathrm{206754} \\ $$

Commented by akolade last updated on 25/Apr/24

how do you get that sir  can you show me yiur steps sir

$$\mathrm{how}\:\mathrm{do}\:\mathrm{you}\:\mathrm{get}\:\mathrm{that}\:\mathrm{sir}\:\:\mathrm{can}\:\mathrm{you}\:\mathrm{show}\:\mathrm{me}\:\mathrm{yiur}\:\mathrm{steps}\:\mathrm{sir} \\ $$

Commented by Tinku Tara last updated on 26/Apr/24

Just tap the question shown

$$\mathrm{Just}\:\mathrm{tap}\:\mathrm{the}\:\mathrm{question}\:\mathrm{shown} \\ $$

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